Art & Wine

Celebrate a birthday, holiday, graduation, or for no reason whatsoever. Just come out and have fun!  Any event that is open to the public will be accompanied by a link for you to pre-purchase your ticket.  We will mark all private parties clearly.  

For public events, the painting that is posted is the selected painting for the evening and the Chief Entertainment Organizer will only be providing instruction on that painting.  All painters are always welcome to be creative in their own way.  So if you are coming with friends and want to just paint your own thing, go for it!  We will still cheer you on.

Rates for public events will vary depending on venue and dates.  Ticket prices can range from $25-$45.  The link will tell you upfront, so there are no surprises. The standard size canvas is 16”x20”. 

Please check your email prior to coming in the event that mother nature creates weather that is dangerous.

Parties for Everyone

All ages, all genders, all personalities...  bring your inner child with you to come just have fun!  If you didn't walk in Picasso we guarantee you won't walk out Picasso...just telling it how it is!  But you WILL have fun.




Sample Tutorial

This is not exactly paint by numbers, but it's close.  We show you which brushes to use, what colors to pick and walk you through each step along with the rest of the group.

There is no secret to this...just a willingness to be free with your creativity.  

No two paintings will look alike.  In the end you will have a painting even your mother could love...