Masterpiece Art Bar believes in supporting our local community and charities serving the greater good. To that end, we offer discounted rates per person and will work with you to set rates that will help your charity generate funds and friends. We see this type of event as an opportunity to “Friend-raise” as it is a happy atmosphere and they get to learn more about you while in the company of their friends. The charity is not limited by Masterpiece Art Bar from adding features to the event that will generate more funds and we do not take a cut from those efforts. Examples of additional activities are: raffles, giveaways and celebrity guests.

If you are not a recognized 501 (c)3, you must show that the purpose of the party is charitable.

Food and drink are up to you and will vary depending on venue (whether it is at your home, church, local club or restaurant). For fundraisers, there is a minimum head count of 20 people required.*

For private events, you choose the painting. If we don’t have something you like, we will work with you to create something you like and that others will be able to paint with no experience.

*Having fewer than 20 people is negotiable, but can affect the level of discount.

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Lupus Fondation of America 

Boston Skyline Giving Hope Fundraiser