Haven't painted since middle school? Welcome to the club!

Forgotten how to use the left side of your brain. No worries!

There is lots of mingling and lots of peer to peer encouragement. If you didn't walk in Monet we promise you won't walk out Monet. It comes down to a fun time and new connections.

Don't think twice, see our calendar for upcoming events or book your own party today!



Choose Your Own Painting

We have many paintings for you to choose from when booking your own party.  Don't see something you like or that works with your party theme?  No problem.  We will work with you to create something especially for you.

Personalized paintings are limited to private party requests.  Only one painting per party.


Have Fun With Friends

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

We come to you!  At work, at your place of worship, at your house, local function get the picture.  Party size minimums apply.*  You provide the guests and we provide the paint supplies and entertainment.

*For parties smaller than 15, minimum costs apply.



 Raising money for a charitable cause can be FUN!  Try a paint party to help you reach your goals and to raise friends at the same time.  Most restaurants will give you free space, and we can help you plan the rest.

We charge a fee per ticket.  You set the price after that and the balance goes towards your fundraising goal.